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G  A  L  L  E  R  Y
Lisa Gao

Ms. Gao was born and raised in Fuzhou, China, and began studying painting as an early teen. Her early training consisted of a strict Russian-style education in the arts. Spending long hours at the easel, she perfected sketching still life, bodily forms, landscapes and perspectives. Advancing to the Shanghai Light Industry College, China, Ms. Gao mastered watercolor, gouache, and oil painting.

Ms. Gao came to the United States on scholarship to study at Bridgewater College in Virginia, and graduated from the Painting and Print-Making Department at Virginia Commonwealth University. Ms. Gao continued her advanced education under the tutelage of the Masters of Art Education program at the School of Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Ms. Gao’s traditional Chinese education provided a strong artistic foundation from which she developed a personal style rich in complex architectural and landscape forms. This visual complexity imbues her paintings with emotional and psychological depth. Painstaking in dedication, she takes great pleasure in the creative process.

Ms. Gao was recognized for her painting “Fire Bird” by the Association of Chinese Artists. A number of her works have been selected and published in China’s newspapers and magazines. Her painting “Autumn” won an award from the Carlsbad-Oceanside Art League’s 58th annual open juried fine art award show in August 2008. Her Painting "Stream" won an award from the Carlsbad-Oceanside Art League's 59th annual open juried fine art award show in August 2009. Her Painting "Golden Leaves" won an award from the San Diego County Fair – juried fine art show in July 2012. She has been privileged to show her work in art galleries and her works are collected by many private art lovers in the United States.

Ms. Gao’s multi-cultural exposure emerges in her paintings, which embrace the contemporary drama, literature, architecture and tempo of different societies. These elements provide a rich inspiration which she then mixes with abstract imagery. The result is truly rare art with fresh and beautiful colors, sharp contrasts and unique forms of beauty and harmony.